Collaborating Virtually at Work and School

Working and learning virtually can be a challenge when to read social cues and managing communication. We now have the technology to create and support virtual teams, but collaborating remotely requires special skills. 5 Collaborating remotely tips to build virtual social and communication skills:  1. Consider who is Your Audience- Think about what you know …

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Connection is a Verb

We’ve all heard the sayings: “Money doesn’t fall from trees,” “The early bird gets the worm,” “Make new friends but keep the old.” What do they have in common? They require action! You don’t just sit on the couch and get rich (unless you are a youtuber or creating some new and improved way to …

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Rejection Sensitivity & ADHD

When you experience Rejection Sensitivity, you have a heightened reaction to a real, perceived or even anticipated event, person or situation. This reaction feels all-consuming and mammoth inside you and it’s crushing – even crippling! When this event occurs, even if it is a small non-event to most, it feels enormous and can literally is …

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