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Play Better 3-Part Webinar series
Diving even deeper into the scientifically developed materials professional use, learn how to coach and collaborate with any child or teen

Don’t let the word “Play” fool you – this series includes detailed advice, exercises and activities that can easily be adapted to any age. Follow along in the book, Why Will No One Play with Me? to gain an even deeper understanding of the principles that professionals use regularly when addressing social emotional development.

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Welcome to the Play Better Webinar series – Coaching HOW TO nurture connections!

Parents and educators deserve to understand what the professional know so YOU can help a child witness – for themselves -what their own beliefs and experiences mean and how to nurture connections.

Follow along, chapter by chapter in Why Will No One Play with Me?, yet note – this material dives even deeper into the already packed content, exercises and recommendations found in the book.

What you will learn in the Play Better Webinar series:

  • The importance of executive function and how it affects social skills and future thinking – key elements to healthy emotional development.
  • Perspective Taking and Understanding the Inner Emotional Live of Others. Expanded exercises from the book include:
    • Reading between the lines and Paving the way – both designed to help you shift your communication style with your child to improve collaboration.

Let’s work together to discover the connection between health and friendship so you – or your child – can better develop and nurture connections.

Jump in. Tab the pages. Equip yourself. We got this!

Enjoy this Preview!

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