10 Phrases to Move the Conversation Along

Reciprocal Conversation

Juggling the many aspects of a reciprocal conversation can be hard for people with ADHD. Sometimes, we talk and talk without really engaging with the other person. We talk AT them rather than with them, and then we experience, shame, embarrassment and rumination—replaying the interaction for days. What is a Reciprocal Conversation? When two or …

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Fight Flight Freeze: How Does Your Fear Of Rejection Show Up In Social Situations?

Intense Reaction

It is common for people with ADHD to feel emotions more intensely, to have less friends and fewer invites, and to experience greater rejection than our neurotypical peers. Ever find yourself wanting to mingle and chat, yet you’re haunted by past mistakes? Do you struggle to pay attention to the person you are talking to, …

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How to Practice Mindfulness and Self-Care


A BIG shout out to those of you who answered my survey. Of particular note, it is apparent that many of you are exhausted and not practicing self-care. I am therefore dedicating this blog and newsletter to How to Practice Self-Care and Mindfulness in times of stress. I personally find the exercises below to be …

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How You Can Help Your Kid with ADHD by Understanding a Theory by Relationship Guru’s John & Julie Gottman

John and Julie Gottman

What is the “Distancer and Pursuer Dynamic?” This dynamic, from the work of Dr. John Gottman, Julie Gottman and Terry Gaspard, affects all of one’s relationships over a lifespan. In this post, we address specifically the impact on family relationships when a child or partner has ADHD. How Do John and Julie Gottman Explain this …

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Rejection Sensitivity & ADHD

When you experience Rejection Sensitivity, you have a heightened reaction to a real, perceived or even anticipated event, person or situation. This reaction feels all-consuming and mammoth inside you and it’s crushing – even crippling! When this event occurs, even if it is a small non-event to most, it feels enormous and can literally is …

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Managing My Reactions as a Parent

Does parenting a child with ADHD stress you out? It does for me, at times. While I know it’s hard to manage your anger when things feel like they’re spinning out of control, the following tips will help you as a parent manage your anger and move toward a better outcome for both you and your child.

Raising the Consistently Inconsistent Kid

Hiding from friends

One way you can identify your child’s lagging skills is by asking yourself the following question: “What is getting in the way of my child’s success?” Start by trying to figure out what the overall reasons are for your child’s inconsistency. Some kids freak out about timed events or tests. Some can’t handle peer pressure. Some don’t understand social boundaries. Some don’t know what to do when they make a mistake, and they fall apart and blow the rest of the race, recital, test, etc.

There is Always a Label

People resist diagnoses and labels, but sometimes we need to reframe our thoughts. If the label says that the kid is not willfully being difficult, that he is doing his best but that he cannot boss his body. Then isn’t that a better way to think of someone than to think of them as difficult or challenging?

Everyone is Working on Something

If you are the parent of one of these unique kids, the negativity is probably starting to get to you. These criticisms may be making you feel stressed, frustrated, or even ashamed by your child’s behavior.  Even though, deep down, you understand that change and growth takes time, you wish you could do something that would make your child “fit in” now so you didn’t have to watch your child struggle with the pain of being different.

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