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Meet Caroline Maguire, M.Ed.

Helping parents, families and adults navigate today’s complex social emotional world.

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Connections matter: Building social skills during challenging times

Welcome to my website and community!

Are you searching for social emotional learning answers for yourself, your child, your school, or your clients to:

  • Connect well with others
  • Get along/ make friends / deepen your social network
  • Understand everyone by being a “social spy?”

I offer practical, “real world,” and easy-to-follow solutions to learn how to relate better to others. From chit chat, to deeper connections, interacting in groups, to being a true friend, I teach people how to connect with greater confidence… and thrive. 

I have the answers you need.

Becoming a Social Spy: How to Read People Using Observational Learning

How We Can Help You

Feeling secure in today’s world is hard for adults and kids alike.

Today, more people than ever have experienced feeling deep wells of social isolation and struggle with making friends, confidence and feeling secure in their own skin.

Together we can work on these critical skills with kids, adults, and educators:

Calming intrusive thoughts - free gift on Caroline Maguire's website.

My Free Gift For You: Calming Intrusive Thoughts

When we engage unwanted, distressing thoughts we lose the ability to read cues, reach out and connect meaningfully.

Social connection is proven to: 
  • Increase self-esteem and empathy for others
  • Lower your anxiety and depression
  • Help regulate your emotions
  • Improve your immune systems


Without adequate and appropriate social skills training, your child or teen may not outgrow their weaknesses. Learn how to coach kids to develop and practice the social skills that enable “natural” social interaction.

Proximity does not ensure teamwork. Our systematic approach to building social emotional learning skills helps you lead students to become productive team members, set goals, build positive relationships and develop long-term societal benefits. 

Start your journey to better socializing here. Learn how to make friends, warm up to any social interaction,  understand others, their emotions and social situations. It is never too late to learn these lifetime social skills.

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