The Importance of Social Skills in Teens and Young Adults

We are not born with social skills – they must be taught. Our kids’ future career and relationship success depends on how well they harness social skills now. Failure to launch syndrome is prevalent in today’s society. Your gift to your teen or young adult is to give them plenty of opportunities to put their face-to-face communication skills to the test.

social emotional challenges of twice exceptional / gifted

The Importance of Face-to-Face Interactions

Texting and messaging do not replace critical face-to-face interactions. We owe it to our kids to help them learn how to communicate effectively, both online and off. Knowing how to converse and handle themselves with all kinds of people, and in all types of situations, will help your teen and young adult leave home with the necessary social skills to thrive.

This may be a long journey – especially if your teen or young adult is resistant. She may not show enthusiasm to work with you, but do not surrender. Step into their shoes, really explore with them and continue to have an open, collaborative conversation.

Key Ingredients for a Socially Fulfilling Life

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