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My goal is to provide thought-provoking, research based content and tips about social skills development. 

Coaching social skills is like a relationship; it has its ups and downs. Under-developed relationship skills makes it hard to thrive. I write my social skills blogs to keep you inspired and growing. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Parenting tips to help your kids thrive- watching girl open up to her peers.

Parenting Tips To Get Your Kid To Share Their Feelings About Living With ADHD

You ask your child how he feels and despite his grumpy tone, slamming things on the counter, and gruff demeanor, he says,”fine.”  Your child gets …

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Drawn picture of kids talking about a girl that's left out in an article on how to help your teen when they have few or no friends.

How to Help a Teen Who Has Few (To No Friends) Now That School is in Full Swing

Your teen has struggled with friendships over the years, but now the social isolation seems even worse. You watch him sulk around the house because …

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Man covering his face after saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

I’m So Embarrassed About Always Saying The Wrong Thing At The Wrong Time

You made a comment that someone is a hoarder. What you meant to say was that they are a clutter bug, but somehow your comment …

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