Blogs for Parents, Adults & Educators On Friendship, Navigating Social Situations & "Social Spy" by Caroline Maguire, M.Ed.

My goal is to provide thought-provoking, research based content and tips about social skills development. 

Coaching social skills is like a relationship; it has its ups and downs. Under-developed relationship skills makes it hard to thrive. I write my social skills blogs to keep you inspired and growing. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Drawn picture of kids talking about a girl that's left out in an article on how to help your teen when they have few or no friends.

How to Help a Teen Who Has Few (To No Friends) Now That School is in Full Swing – Updated 2023

You thought things might be different this year and you hoped your teenager’s friendship would get better. Your teen has struggled with friendships over the
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Woman talking to make coworker in an article by Caroline Maguire on feeling more confident around your coworkers.

How To Feel More Confident Around Your Co-workers

Everyone wants to be confident. To be able to sashay into work, or a classroom, or your kid’s PTA meeting with a smile on your
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Parenting advice for kids who say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Does Your Kid Routinely Say The Wrong Thing At The Wrong Time?

As a parent, here’s how you can help your child without being the helicopter or super-judgy Mom or Dad Did your child or teenager just
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teenage girls in an article by Caroline Maguire on helping kids with ADHD with high school friendships

10 Ways to Navigate Social Challenges with a High School Teen with ADHD

High school is a fast-paced, shifting social landscape where old friends can drift away and social status takes on greater importance. This is also the
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Parenting kid with adhd -- advice from Caroline Maguire.

Managing Your Love/Hate Relationship With Your ADHD Child

Kids with ADHD can be tough. You love them with all your heart and yet, your child seems out of touch at times. They don’t
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Man practicing making small talk at work with a coworker.

Does Making New Friends Make You Anxious? Here’s How To Make Small Talk So It’s A Little Easier For You (Or Your Child)

For many adults, teenagers and tweens, making small talk can feel nothing short of torture. Unsure of what questions to ask to keep a conversation
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