Blogs for Parents, Adults & Educators On Friendship, Navigating Social Situations & "Social Spy" by Caroline Maguire, M.Ed.

My goal is to provide thought-provoking, research based content and tips about social skills development. 

Coaching social skills is like a relationship; it has its ups and downs. Under-developed relationship skills makes it hard to thrive. I write my social skills blogs to keep you inspired and growing. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Woman with her hand on her head in an article about when you do something without thinking by Caroline Maguire.

If You’re Inclined To Do Something Without Thinking, Here’s How Impulsivity Can Affect Your Relationship

As a person with ADHD, you have likely been called out in your life for being “impulsive.” I know I have.  And it is such ...
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Kids in a selfie in an article on people pleasing and ADHD by Caroline Maguire.

Is Your Fear Of Not Having Friends Causing You To Be More Of A People Pleaser?

Does loneliness and fear of rejection cause adults and teenagers with ADHD to fall into people pleasing? Sadly, often the answer is yes. For many ...
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Picture of mom and teen in an article on love-hate relationship with being social and making friends.

Help Your Kid Reframe Their Love-Hate Relationship with Being Social

Alex*, a high school junior, has given up on making friends. “School is stressful enough”, she says. Instead of participating in after-school clubs and activities, ...
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Woman smelling flowers in an article on inner-voice and resilience.

How Your “Inner Voice” Shapes Your Ability To Be Resilient When You Feel Left Out Socially

The only thing harder than getting my family to church on Sunday morning is knowing what to do with myself when the service is over. ...
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5 kids outside in an article on adhd and friendship.

ADHD & Friendships… Why It’s So Hard For Some Kids To Make Life-Long Friends

As a parent, watching your ADHD kid from the sidelines, you know all-too-well how often your child is rejected, socially awkward and challenging with their ...
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Group of friends in an article on black and white thinking on Caroline Maguire's website.

Understanding ADHD & Black and White Thinking

“It was a total failure,” a client tells me about a situation. Now listening to their story, what you wouldn’t get from this one statement ...
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