Blogs for Parents, Adults & Educators On Friendship, Navigating Social Situations & "Social Spy" by Caroline Maguire, M.Ed.

My goal is to provide thought-provoking, research based content and tips about social skills development. 

Coaching social skills is like a relationship; it has its ups and downs. Under-developed relationship skills makes it hard to thrive. I write my social skills blogs to keep you inspired and growing. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Parenting kid with adhd -- advice from Caroline Maguire.

Managing Your Love/Hate Relationship With Your ADHD Child

Kids with ADHD can be tough. You love them with all your heart and yet, your child seems out of touch at times. They don’t …

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Man practicing making small talk at work with a coworker.

Does Making New Friends Make You Anxious? Here’s How To Make Small Talk So It’s A Little Easier For You (Or Your Child)

For many adults, teenagers and tweens, making small talk can feel nothing short of torture. Unsure of what questions to ask to keep a conversation …

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Parent comforting child from being left out at school.

How to Help A Kind Who Feels Left Out & Ostracized By Their Friends

I often get heartbreaking emails from parents who are feeling helpless as they watch their child experience the pain of being left out and ostracized …

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How to help your tween or teen when a friendship ends.

15 Ways To Help Your Teen/Tween When a Friendship Suddenly Ends (Advice For Mom & Dad)

We tend to think of romantic relationships as the ones that break our hearts. But, when a friendship suddenly ends, it can hurt just as …

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How to make friends as an adult - adult social skills in an article by Caroline Maguire

19 Social Skills Activities For Adults Who Want To Learn How To Relate To Others & Make New Friends 

Making friends as an adult is hard. Finding how and where to make friends as an adult is harder! Especially if you are anxious, have …

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Woman holding a magnifying glass in an article by Caroline Maguire titled: Why social spy is the lie to me of the next generation.

Why Social Spy Is The “Lie To Me” For The Next Generation

You enter a social situation and immediately feel overloaded by stimuli: sounds, sights, the warmth from lights and bodies or perhaps the opposite, the cold …

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