Blogs for Parents, Adults & Educators On Friendship, Navigating Social Situations & "Social Spy" by Caroline Maguire, M.Ed.

My goal is to provide thought-provoking, research based content and tips about social skills development. 

Coaching social skills is like a relationship; it has its ups and downs. Under-developed relationship skills makes it hard to thrive. I write my social skills blogs to keep you inspired and growing. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

5 kids outside in an article on adhd and friendship.

ADHD & Friendships… Why It’s So Hard For Some Kids To Make Life-Long Friends

As a parent, watching your ADHD kid from the sidelines, you know all-too-well how often your child is rejected, socially awkward and challenging with their ...
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Group of friends in an article on black and white thinking on Caroline Maguire's website.

Understanding ADHD & Black and White Thinking

“It was a total failure,” a client tells me about a situation. Now listening to their story, what you wouldn’t get from this one statement ...
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Woman holding a heart balloon in an article by Caroline Maguire on how to feel comfortable in your own skin.

How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin When You’re Naturally Unsure of Yourself

When I was a kid I was always the last one picked for the team or the game and in part, this was because I ...
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Caroline Maguire family 2023 in article on how to manage your emotions over the holidays.

6 Tips to Manage Your Emotions & Communicate Better This Holiday Season

Let’s face it – holidays are a time when families come together with the best of intentions and still often manage to fall into arguments ...
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Making friends when your social battery is overwhelmed and depleated.

What To Do When You’re Trying To Make Friends & Your Social Battery Hits Overwhelm And Shutdown

For some people with ADHD, being social fills up their battery. Yet, for others, it drains them of their energy. But the truth is that ...
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Boys making fun of another child in an article on parenting a bully by Caroline Maguire.

Worried You’re Parenting A Bully? Here Are 5 Signs Your Child Is The Classroom Bully

No child is perfect. Most parents, at some point, have seen their child be mean to other kids. But if you’re worried that your son ...
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