Stress tips for Parenting during COVID

Now how many hats are you wearing?

Stress tips for Parenting during COVID:

Prior to COVID you were crazy busy, but now?… What do you call this new phase? You work from home, discipline the dog, coerce your kids into silence and manage online learning with your kids! Oh yeah, it’s time to start dinner!

As many parents continue to home school, the fear of adding camp counselor to your list of positions instills panic.

Mom. Dad. You are are physically and emotionally exhausted! Add to that the feeling of being ineffective in multiple realms of your lives. You are in need of revitalization.

5 Stress tips for Parenting during COVID:

  1. Prioritize your top goals – Not all chores and responsibilities carry the same weight. List out the major stressors and situations that drain your energy so you can be mindful of what is bombarding you. Brainstorm solutions to these big energy drains in advance, before you spin out of control.
  2. Disconnect – Rarely is social media helpful. Stop scrolling, comparing and shopping and build in more mindfulness measures.
  3. Ask for help and delegate – Some people truly want to help you. Don’t refuse their help. Even if they are far, setting up a Zoom call with your adult relatives in which they can do an activity or play a game will give you time back in the day. Chores build life skills, so enlist your kids in meal prep, vacuuming, dusting, pet care. Let your child see you accept help, it’s a part of learning and growing. Children need to see their parents asking for help when needed.
  4. Chunk your life – Consider coordinating with your partner and children to review and revamp the current schedule in order to “chunk” more time for work, home schooling. and parenting.
  5. Stop the stress  – Your brain is ancient, and when it perceives a threat or high levels of stress, your body and brain go into fight, flight, or freeze mode.  Develop everyday strategies to prevent stressors to override your thinking brain. Keep your thinking brain in charge to avoid this runaway reaction cycle. The more you intervene with a strategy when your reaction starts, the better you can interrupt the fight, flight, or freeze modes.

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