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In this innovative program, parents will find everything needed to evaluate where their children are and then develop critical social skills.

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Rusty Social Skills Training For Kids Who Are Falling Behind


The pandemic could have a profound impact on our children’s future, including development in many key areas such as speech and interpersonal skills. A May 2020 Gallup poll found that 3 in 10 parents with school-aged children said their child is “already experiencing harm” to their emotional or mental health because of social distancing and closures. Another 14 percent indicated their children were approaching their limits. Without appropriate social skills training, children could have potentially irreversible effects down the line from learning disabilities to health effects.

The good news is parents can turn things around by getting a handle on it now.

Rusty Social Skills For Kids Who Are Falling Behind was created to help lessen the impact of the pandemic on our children’s social emotional well-being and to provide a unique opportunity to further the social recovery process and jumpstart the 2021-22 school year. 


Are Our Kids Going to be OK?  What Happens Without Adequate Social Emotional Support?

Social distancing has caused children and teens to lose valuable opportunities to practice their social skills, and make friends. The data clearly shows that humans require social networks and interaction. But what happens when children are starved of socialization or their mental health is not treated?  What impact does this have on society?

Parents often lack the social and emotional resources to help our child(ren) adapt to this new world.  In this product, Caroline Maguire, M.Ed. will advise parents on what they can do NOW at home to strengthen their children’s social skills. 

Social and emotional development defines how successfully we are able to regulate our own complex feelings and read and respond to those presented by others. 

Experiential Learning Opportunities.

Playing with and around other children is a critical social skill, however, the spread of COVID has limited all our interactions.  Rusty Social Skills For Kids Who Are Falling Behind  is a highly productive supplement to in-person play, and a “How To Manual” to help you coach your child out of their rusty social skills.

Rusty Social Skills For Kids Who Are Falling Behind  will guide you – to guide a child – toward building the social and emotional life skills that have been identified as key components to lifelong wellbeing in learning, social and work contexts.

The Foundation for Everything that Children do. 

Research shows that what happens in a child’s early years impacts them for a lifetime. While childhood acts as a particularly critical phase, we must recognize that development continues throughout our adult lives.


Why Do You Need This Support?

As we consider how to best nurture positive responses from young learners, we must also reflect upon the reality of family life in the 21st Century: parenting is tough. Parents have had to manage multiple roles during the pandemic and may feel guilt that they didn’t do enough. Helping a child grow not only refreshes the child, but also the parent.

Busy households are a given, but the prioritizing of social skills coaching will be an investment for years to come.


Tailor This Coaching to Your Family’s Needs

Rusty Social Skills For Kids Who Are Falling Behind  centers around a proven framework that helps you provide the best individualized social skills building experiences for children, while allowing you to be creative and flexible to meet your child’s needs.

I urge you to dive deep into responsive caregiving and play.  Reflect together in order to develop better mutual understanding – during good times – and following more challenging experiences. Improved connection will benefit everyone.

Rusty Social Skills For Kids Who Are Falling Behind  is focused on developing and nurturing the whole child while supporting families so they can support their children. Making connections and building relationships are key so children and families can be successful. This starts with understanding a family’s needs.

This is Social Learning in Action

Let’s work together to become your best self: socially engaged, confident, and open to the unlimited world of learning, connection and life.

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