What if my child won’t even discuss getting help for social skills?

What if my child won’t even discuss getting help for social skills?

When children are resistant it often means that the activity is hard for her. To help your child be more comfortable, you will likely have many conversations with her. We often talk about “paving the way” for a conversation that we anticipate will be sensitive or difficult. But even before we pave the way, we prep the ground. Lay the groundwork for problem solving and changing habits of behavior by modeling for your child that it’s okay to need help and ask for it. Begin by pointing out in front of your child moments when you or others need to tackle something that’s not in your comfort zone or you need to ask for help. When you call to schedule a home or car repair, make point of telling your child that you’re doing it, and why: “This is more than I know how to fix so it’s time for me to ask for help, and call a plumber.” Share stories from work and elsewhere about how people do what they can for themselves, but sometimes they need to ask for help—it’s normal! Let your child know what a go-to person is and that you would love to be her “go-to” person for social situations and friends and all things.

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