Meeting People with Confidence


meeting people with confidence

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This self-study course teaches you how to build the skills to feel confident meeting new people and engaging in conversations.

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Introducing Yourself to People You Don’t Know – How Confident are You? 


I feel incredibly blessed to have found the most amazing group of friends… but it sure wasn’t easy at first. 


When you go to a friend of a friend’s party or meet colleagues from your new job for dinner, you may be consumed with thoughts of how you don’t fit in or that you can’t seem to utter anything intelligent. We all want to be the “cool ones” (as did our younger selves) and not even give a second thought to other people’s judgments — but, it happens. 


The voice in our heads can get the better of us.

Learning how to feel confident meeting new people can be intimidating especially if you don’t enjoy unfamiliar social situations. Self-doubt, holding back and subjecting ourselves to negative personal analysis can stop us from approaching others.


 How to build confidence

Confidence isn’t about superficial stuff. It comes from knowing that you have the knowledge, tools, wisdom and demeanor that make others want to be with you. 

The way we feel about ourselves impacts directly on the way we interact with others.  If we feel happy and at ease, conversation flows freely. When we feel anxious and overwhelmed, we clam up.

How do you overcome shyness and introversion?

Luckily, when you practice the proven methods in Meeting People with Confidence, you can learn how to overcome the voice in your head and build confidence. 

Based on content that I have been giving for several years, the self-study course is designed to help you finally move away from the destructive patterns you’ve developed in your relationships – even if you feel you’re really in a rut. This is the information and tools professionals use with real clients!   

And as someone who tends toward the self-critical, I am very pleased to say these suggestions worked for me!

This information has changed lives. Now you can do it at your own pace.




Moving from Hi to Full Conversation – eBook

HOW TO initiate small talk.  I say connection is a verb because it requires action. You can’t make someone else do something. It’s up to you. How do you make friends? It can be easy for some of us, and painful for others – just implore the isolated friend to “just call him!” What seems “easy” for you became an exercise loaded with details, dread and potential rejection. Building the skills to make, and keep friends, takes time…. But it is Oh, So Worth It.

Moving from Hi to Full Conversation – eBook

Steps for Joining a Group – Video

Learn step by step instructions on how to overcome obstacles – real and perceived – to joining a group, demonstrated by real people.Learn how to be a contributing team member to any group!

Steps for Joining a Group Video

Building a Conversation – Infographic

Building a conversation from saying hello to a full-fledged discussion is hard for some people, but it is an important life skill. Learn the fine art of a reciprocal give-and-take.

Building a Conversation Infographic

Joining a Group – Infographic

Make joining a group less intimidating – and more fun! We’re individuals, yet we are also members of groups. In this infographic, we show how to identify, approach, engage and contribute to a dynamic society that is in constant transition.

Joining a Group Infographic


Why Do You Need This Support?

As we consider how to best nurture positive responses, we must also reflect upon the reality of life in the 21st Century: adulting is tough. Busy lives are a given, but the prioritizing of social skills coaching will be an investment for years to come.


Tailor This Coaching to Your Needs

Caroline’s products center around a proven framework that helps you individualize social skills building experiences while allowing you to be creative and flexible in meeting your needs.


This is Social Learning in Action

Let’s work together to become your best self: socially engaged, confident, and open to the unlimited world of learning, connection and life.


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