How and What to Say Depending on Level of Familiarity – eBook


Levels of familiarity

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WHAT you say is dependent on WHO you are saying it to and the level of familiarity. Learn how to tailor a message appropriately.

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Practice alongside me HOW TO communicate with someone depending on your level of familiarity.

I role-play with an actor a scenario that may look very familiar to you!

Do you have a tendency to overemphasize, speak too quickly, loudly or intrusively? In this ebook/ workbook, I provide detailed presentations and scripts on HOW TO say things differently depending on your audience’s level of familiarity. You will fill in the blanks as you practice how to say things in a more neutral way.

Connection is a verb! If you aren’t taking action and not “getting out there” – it’s much harder to connect with people. Let’s learn the opportunities to get “Out There” -frequently.

It’s something that we all deserve. It all goes back to  self regulation.  I hope that you have a wonderful experience connecting and remember that it is a  journey.

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