Master Class – How to Stop Oversharing as an Adult with ADHD – February 2022


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Adult with ADHD: Learn how to control the impulse to overshare and give too much information (TMI). Tuesdays, February 1 and 8,  2022

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How to Stop Oversharing as an Adult with ADHD

Building on the foundation, lessons and concepts from the Adults with ADHD Social Skills Training seminar

Too Much Information – way more than you need/want to know about someone.” – Urban Dictionary

What: 2 Part Social Skills Live Training for Adults with ADHD – How to Stop Oversharing as an Adult with ADHD. Learn how to control the impulse to overshare and give too much information (TMI).

Leader: Caroline Maguire, M.Ed., PCC, author of the groundbreaking bookWhy Will No One Play with Me?
Dates:  Tuesdays, February 1 and 8,  2022
Time: 7 pm ET / 6 pm CT
Sessions: 90 minutes, with plenty of time for Q and A

Price: $64.99

Format: Each session consists of a lecture plus a live Q&A.  Each session is recorded, so if you have a conflict, or need to drop off and finish later you can do so.  There is also optional homework, readings and valuable handouts. This advice is geared toward adults but is appropriate for all ages.

In this highly anticipated new course, you will explore:

  • What is it to be socially successful
  • What it means to have a social challenge
  • The importance of friendships
  • Why you overshare
  • How unmet social needs for connection can lead to oversharing
  • The levels of intimacy in daily life
  • How to self-regulate
  • How to practice saying things depending on the different levels of intimacy

Note: This is interactive and will be recorded. Participants will see each other.  You can choose to stay off camera and you are encouraged to change your online name. IF THIS IS OF CONCERN, PLEASE DO NOT ENROLL. Participation and group support is an integral part of this seminar, but not a requirement.

Usually when we tell a long, drawn-out story, it is due to our levels of arousal and we lose focus. This is a self-regulation issue. Watch for my advice on how to overcome TMI!

TMI: When to Filter and When to Share

Yesterday wasn’t the first time you said the wrong thing or told someone you barely knew your whole life story, including gory details. Some details and topics, especially about others, are just not meant to be shared and yet, here you go again.  Adults with ADHD often move too fast in relationships, sharing too much, too soon. You crave closeness, hate boring dialog and often misread or fail to grasp social cues.

When you reach out, do you often say or do the wrong thing — or forget to follow up or stay in touch with friends you make? Is it easier to withdraw and stay home than put yourself out there and risk making social blunders? Understanding the ADHD brain and how it affects social skills can decrease the shame and increase the opportunities for meaningful connection.

Learn from Caroline Maguire about:

•Why you have difficulty reading social cues and nonverbal communication, and how to change these patterns

•Strategies to manage impulsivity to minimize interrupting, blurting, and inappropriate comments

•How to read social cues and understand the context and mood of social situations with friends and coworkers

•How to be a better listener and concentrate on what others are saying, even when your mind is distracted

•Tried-and-true tools and coaching techniques to move you forward in making lasting friendships

In this one-of-a-kind social skills lab, Caroline Maguire will walk you through the levels of relationships. She will highlight when it is appropriate to filter and when to share. Through role play, you will read the context of a situation, facial expressions, body language, and the mood to understand when to share and when to hold back.

Next, you will begin the road to learning how to control the impulse to over-share and how to repair a friendship when you mistakenly said too much.

Friendships and connection are a basic human need, so learn how to build mutual respect and intimacy in all of your relationships.

How to Stop Oversharing as an Adult with ADHD Objectives:

  • Learn why you overshare
  • Uncover the levels of intimacy in daily life and map out who you know and where they fit
  • How to self-regulate
  • Practice sharing information with the different levels of intimacy
  • Learn how unmet social needs for connection lead to oversharing

How to Stop Oversharing as an Adult with ADHD Group Information:

This is intended to be a live, interactive seminar and participation is highly encouraged. Attendance and Participation are not mandatory and people are welcome to keep cameras off and not volunteer
Caroline will present a concept, describe its purpose, how it is carried out and then volunteers will explain their own circumstances and then practice incorporating the concept into a potential upcoming situation. Participants support and share advice with each other.
Please note, volunteers who offer to practice the concept will be recorded. It is highly recommended that you change your screen name to maintain anonymity.

The recording will be shared with participants after the session.

All participants, recorded or not, must agree to never share the recordings or its contents outside this group. 

*The textbook, Why Will No one Play With Me? is not included.

Participants can purchase the book at:

This is Social Skills Learning in Action:

Let’s work together to become your best self: socially engaged, confident, and open to the unlimited world of learning, connection and life.

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