How to Improve Social Skills Professionally & With Peers Video


How to Improve Social Skills Professionally and with Peers video by Caroline Maguire

Short Description

All too often, people with ADHD overshare. Instead of sharing “just enough” they fall into the trap of “TMI” or “too much information.”  When this happens it’s hard to roll back the embarrassment and regret.

This video offers you helpful strategies to remember “levels of familiarity” with the people in our lives so we can meter how much is appropriate to share.  And then, what to do when you overshare.

This video is super helpful when used with my eBook: What to Say Depending on Level of Familiarity 

Product Details

Improve your social skills by tailoring your message to each person. There are several different relationships in our lives, including people we work with. Some people we may not even know their first names, yet we overshare things with them.

There are acquaintances, co-workers, team mates, neighbors, friends, and finally – besties!

What you share is dependent on your depth of familiarity.

Trust is built over time, as are our social skills.

Learn how in this simple video featuring Caroline Maguire.



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