How to Tell a Tight Story & Avoid TMI (Too Much Information) When It Matters Most

Hello! I’m delighted you joined me here! You can download my free gift “How to Tell a Tight Story” right here. green, arrow, right-2304007.jpg

In this video, you’ll learn many of the important skills required to stop TMI (too much information) before it happens.

This includes:
  • how to recognize when you are talking for too long
  • how to notice when you’re sharing more than needed in the moment
  • how to focus on the topic being discussed
  • how to assess others’ interest in what you’re saying/sharing
  • and how to share things in conversation that are engaging and inclusive to the people you’re talking with!

Learning how to reduce TMI and oversharing takes time. Learning how to tell a “tight story” is a skill that with practice and feedback become easier.

All of it is covered in the video and more!

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