Building Strong Social, Emotional and Behavioral Skills


building strong social, emotional, and behavioral skills

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Learn the fundamental SEL elements to making friends, managing anger / disappointment, and building empathy.

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What is Social Emotional Learning? It can be defined as how we act, how we relate to others, and how we make responsible choices. Learn the essential elements involved in building strong social, emotional and behavioral skills.

SEL is a critical factor to lifelong success

We are not born with these skills and behaviors, but they can be learned and nurtured to influence positive changes that are almost immediately recognizable.

Critical SEL skills

Collaborative for Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) research shows that SEL programming can have positive impacts on school climate by enhancing academic, emotional, and social benefits for students. In addition, SEL is a critical factor to lifelong success as it is a critical component of employment stability.

Social Emotional Behavioral Learning Resources

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Self-Awareness in Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

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