Bridging the Social Emotional Learning Gap Between School and Home

Why Will No One Play With Me? is a hands-on, tailorable guide for parents, educators and professionals that demonstrates HOW TO coach children (and adults) to recognize social cues and build lasting friendships

The pandemic proved parent education is essential 

SEL has been instituted in classrooms around the world, yet there has not been a reliable resource for parent education. The SEL skills that teachers and professionals have incorporated in the academic environment must be reinforced at home for optimal effectiveness.  Many parents want to support their child’s critical skills development, but lack the training and tools. Why Will No One Play With Me? is the missing link to bridge the Social Emotional Learning gap between school and home. 

Supporting the Academic Curriculum

As a committed teacher, you have been consumed with administering curriculum that is academically solid and engaging – while you plan to mitigate the unprecedented social skills loss many students have experienced. 

Why will No One Play With Me? is an easy to implement, no training or required prep Social Emotional Training handbook loaded with proven, innovative approaches to support the academic curriculum that is being received in the public education setting by enriching the social-emotional growth of the children.

Improve communication with any child – in any situation – and ensure the message registers without sacrificing the relationship

In this hands-on, tailorable guide for parents and also educators and professionals Why Will No One Play With Me? demonstrates HOW TO coach children (and adults) to recognize social clues and build lasting friendships. It is a handbook – with foolproof scripts, graphics, worksheets, activities, questionnaires and examples – that teaches parents how to coach social skills.

Everyone can now access the coaching tools that Caroline Maguire has honed from years of assisting children of all ages, learning challenges and emotional IQs.

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