Workshop Webinar: Reading the Room

Workshop Webinar: Reading the Room

Helping parents coach children who struggle socially

Dates: April 8; April 15, 2020
What: two 90-minute sessions
Who: For parents of children ages 5 – young adult
Time: 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM Eastern time
Venue: Online Webinar
Price: $129

Does your child miss critical social cues such as annoyance, avoidance or displeasure? Are playdates and social interactions either avoided or anxiety-provoking? For many, being left out and lonely can be very common.

What can a parent do to help? Teach your child to read the room!

These children must adapt their behavior, and in essence, read the room.

Caroline Maguire, M.Ed., PCC, will demonstrate the coaching process for participants based on her groundbreaking book and training program Why Will No One Play With Me? This webinar will coach you – the parent – on how to help your child observe and understand social cues in order to interact with others and make friends.

In this one-of-a-kind workshop, using a hands-on approach, parents will learn how to teach their child(ren) how to interpret social cues in an effort to create socially expected and appealing behaviors. Telling a child to behave just doesn’t work… neither does cajoling, begging, coercing, bribing or threatening.

Now, you will learn how to take the coach approach using questions, fun tools and specific methods that help your child learn to read the room just as they would learn to swim or play soccer—with you coaching them. Follow our detailed roadmap to direct children on how to:

  • Understand their social role
  • Develop greater situational awareness
  • Tune into social cues
  • Adapt to different social environments
  • Join in activities
  • Develop socially acceptable behaviors

Parents will learn specific strategies that include fun games so they can teach their child to read the room, identify moods, understand body language and facial expressions, including learning how to:

  • Take a situational assessment
  • Interpret body language
  • Pinpoint the expected behavior the situation demands
  • Identify the unspoken rules of any environment
  • Tune into people’s mental states
  • Conform to social norms
  • Join a group in a social situation
  • Identify the perspectives and points of view of teachers, teammates and peers
  • Adjust communication with different personalities

By helping your child become more self-aware and improve his social skills, he will become a more “clued-in” child with a greater ability to develop strong, life-long friendships.

Navigating friendships is a tough journey, yet critical. Belonging is a core human need.

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