Facebook Live Q&A Video 1

Facebook Live Q&A Video 1

First Facebook Live Event

My first Facebook Live event was at my home office on Monday, December 3, 2018. I’ve posted the entire event video, but you can also skip to question 6 with the time information below.

Question 6:

My child does not think before they speak. What can I do as a parent?

Begins at: 25:07 | Ends at: 29:01

Question 5:

My child is being bullied on the bus, should I call the school?

Begin at: 18:20 | Ends at: 24:03

Question 4:

My child won’t talk to me and locks themself in their room. How can I make them talk to me?

Begin at: 14:41 | Ends at: 18:04

Question 3:

Should I push my child to socialize with other kids?

Begin at: 9:30 | Ends at: 14:40

Question 2:

How can you start to rebuild a relationship with your child that has been damaged?

Begin at: 5:31 | Ends at: 9:29

Question 1:

How do you parent an Introvert when you are an Extrovert?

Begin at: 2:11 | Ends at: 5:30

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