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Coaching Conversations Video Course

As a parent or educator you may be reading Why Will No One Play With Me? and have questions about what coaching looks and feels like. The videos in this course are meant to give you more guidance and a real sense of how to have conversations with a child, teen or young adult using open-ended questions and reflective listening. These are the words of real children and real situations I encountered, taken word for word. These videos can help you see that conversations can be brief, can lead to big realizations and that it takes repeated conversations to move your child forward.

Video Descriptions

Starting the Coaching Conversation

This is a real-world conversation so parents can hear what a coaching conversation sounds like and how the conversation brings to light the child’s realizations and also helps the parent understand their perspective and the stories that get in the way of the child moving forward. As featured in Why Will No One Play With Me? these stories are essential for your child to address in order to understand the social world and move forward.

Social Spy

This video will show you how to introduce the concept of Social Spy, and how to manage your child’s concerns about the spy activity. Go into the public with a mission to be a social spy to obtain specific social information. Rehearse ahead of time in order to watch other people in a subtle, covert way and to listen without looking like you are eavesdropping. The idea is to scan and read the room to learn crucial information about peers such as how they dress, what they talk about as well as how to observe and notice other people’s behavior, mood and energy.

Paving the Way

This coaching conversation demonstrates how to pave the way to introduce the Play Better concept to your child. This conversation takes place in a car with a teenager who is not on board with coaching and is resistant to getting help. This conversation demonstrates for parents how to reach a collaborative agreement with your child and how to have a conversation that gives the child some sense of what is in it for him and how this coaching could benefit him.

Additional coaching tips: Tone, Aha, Shrug, Eye Contact, and Experiment

Each of these five videos addresses a specific concern or issue you may face when coaching your child: the tone your child may take while discussing social concerns, reacting to surprises that come up in conversation, struggling with enthusiasm or buy in, eye contact during coaching conversations, and the value of experimenting with your child.

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