Social Skills Development

Kids Need Your Support, Not Passive Parenting: Help Them Stand Up to Bullies

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School is back in-person (for many) and your child was placed – again – with “those” kids—the mean ones, the cliquey ones, the ones who dictate the terms of how the year will go. Kids know who they are, and so do parents. We talk around it because we don’t really know how to help …

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Social Awareness and Rejection Sensitivity

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Halloween had always been a highlight in our house. Our little kids love the costumes, the anticipation, the decorating, the planning of routes with friends – and of course the candy. The Halloween Popularity Contest and The Un-Invited Child Halloween is around the corner and for many parents, this holiday now fills us with dread. …

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We May Have Eliminated “Last Picked” But Not “Picked On”

Kids are still going to be picked on at school and we should not underestimate the power of that dread. As we are well into the school year, many kids are falling victim to the class bully. Others may be suffering from being left out of the “in” crowd, silently scolded for being different simply by the fact that they are on the periphery and are not welcomed into a group.

A Social Life Castle with Thick Walls

Avoidance is a sign. Not a sign that the child does not care. Or a sign that he lacks motivation, is resistant, or is just uninterested in having friends, but a sign that he does not know how to break down the barriers so he can participate, or “join in”. Without a roadmap or help with his social plan, children and teenagers often shut down.  

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