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Social Skills: How to Detect Gaps & Build Proficiency in Children of All Ages

Caroline Maguire in Parent's League Magazine

By, Caroline Maguire, M.Ed This article first appeared in the 2022 issue of Parents League Review – Essential Articles on Parenting and Education © 2022 Parents League of New York Moving from Social Distancing to Social-Emotional Learning As parents, we helped our children with remote learning, remote homework, and remote playdates during the pandemic. …

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Raising the Consistently Inconsistent Kid

Hiding from friends

One way you can identify your child’s lagging skills is by asking yourself the following question: “What is getting in the way of my child’s success?” Start by trying to figure out what the overall reasons are for your child’s inconsistency. Some kids freak out about timed events or tests. Some can’t handle peer pressure. Some don’t understand social boundaries. Some don’t know what to do when they make a mistake, and they fall apart and blow the rest of the race, recital, test, etc.

Everyone is Working on Something

If you are the parent of one of these unique kids, the negativity is probably starting to get to you. These criticisms may be making you feel stressed, frustrated, or even ashamed by your child’s behavior.  Even though, deep down, you understand that change and growth takes time, you wish you could do something that would make your child “fit in” now so you didn’t have to watch your child struggle with the pain of being different.

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