Mandy Hasslen-Gartner – ADHD Kid Coach LLC

Mandy Hasslen-Gartner – ADHD Kid Coach LLC

First Book Club Meeting Dates

In person April 22nd 10:00 AM Central &
Virtual April 22nd 7:00 PM Central

Book Club Meeting Location

in person at
325 W Diamond Lake Road,
Minneapolis, MN 55419
and virtually via Zoom

Client Specialties

children | teens | young adults

Certifications and Designations

ICF Certified | FAM Coach

My path to becoming a coach came from volunteering in my sons’ school. There, I worked with many children whose brains process the world in unique ways. I saw child after child (and their families) struggle to find their place in a school and world that wasn’t set up to for their unique brains. I wanted to find a way to make a career of helping them. Now I enjoy helping children find their strengths and how their brains work differently and having their families understand and support those differences.