Ashleigh Livingston – Integrated Wellness

Ashleigh Livingston – Integrated Wellness

First Book Club Meeting Dates

Thursday Febuary 27 at 11:00 central &
Saturday Febuary 29 at 10:00 in person

Book Club Meeting Location

virtually via Zoom
and in person at
801 E. Cervantes St,
Pensacola, Florida 32503

Client Specialties

children | teens | young adults | adults

Certifications and Designations

ICF Certified | FAM Coach

What inspired me to create Integrated Wellness were my personal struggles as a kid. My parents and my teachers struggled to understand how to help me too. Having no tools, my relationships suffered. Being inspired by what I and my family needed for success. I realized by combining ADHD/EFD coaching, nutritional coaching and Interactive Metronome (bio-feedback) you could hit every area that gives people a deficit. Coaching helps mindset and behavior, better nutrition calms inflammation in the brain and body. Interactive Metronome rewires the brain by making new neural connections through physical movement. Incorporating these 3 tools Integrated Wellness was born.